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Cathode Luminescence

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Cathode Luminescence
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Instrument: Gatan MonoCL4 + Cathode fluorescence spectrometer

Manufacturer: Gatan company (GatanMonoCL4+)

Main performance index of the instrument
At present, the instrument is hosted in FEI Quanta 450 FEG scanning electron microscope, Gatan MonoCL4 +is the most advanced equipment that can be used to study optoelectronics, semiconductor materials science and geology materials. Using that equipment, all optical images, single optical images and spectra can be obtained, including the movable RGB filter and 50-80nm band pass filter bank.
The system has been most widely used in geological study, it can obtaine zircon Cathodoluminescence image. it's useful to analysis zircon geochronology and trace elements.
Wavelength range: 165 nm - 930 nm. Probe telescopic length of 160mm.

Function: second electron imaging, backscattered electron imaging, cathodoluminescence photography
Application: sample appearance, back scattering analysis, cathodoluminescence of minerals such as zircon

Zircon image from Gatan MonoCL4 + Cathode fluorescence spectrometer