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Electronic Probe Micro-analyzer
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JXA-8230 Electron Probe Microanalyzer
The EDS, which is a versatile and easy-to-use X ray detector, can be mounted. A combined WDS snd EDS system provides a seamless and user-friendly environment for analysis. JEOL has developed a new EPMA(Electron Probe Microanalyzer), that continues a long history of EPMA development extending over neary a half century.  The JXA-8230, designed for user-friendly operations, provides for a complete range of analyses through a new, simple to use, PC-based interface.  The high-accuracy and fast speeds offered by the JXA-8230 are a result of its sophisicated hardwre developed from JEOL's EPMA technologies refined over neary 50 years.  The JXA-8230 is powerful, next-generation, analytical tool that fully meets all of the requirements of an EPMA.

EPMA quick start

Click any point and then an analysis type to start a preset qualitative or quantitative ED or WD analysis


User recipes

Save or recall a frequently used set of analytical conditions for a variety of different sample types.  All column, EDS and WDS parameters are included in the recipe.


EDS Capabilities

  • Digital pulse processor
  • Spectral mapping (WD/ED, stage and beam scanning)
  • Fan free SDD (option)

Welcome to come work with your samples!

Responsible people: TimothyKusky / JunpengWang;

Lab Location, Center for Global Tectonics, Main Building 106A, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

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Download sample table:电子探针送样单(JXA-8230).xls