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Dyke Swarms: Keys to Paleogeographic Reconstruction
announcer:userRelease date:2016-12-09Views:1553
The theme of the Seventh International Dyke Conference (IDC7) is ‘Dyke Swarms: Keys to Paleogeographic Reconstruction’. It will concentrate on mafic dyke swarms and related igneous associations, e.g., sills, kimberlites, syenites, carbonatites, volcanics, etc., with a special emphasis on paleogeographic reconstruction based on geological comparison and paleomagnetic studies. The IDC7 continues the every-five-year tradition started in Toronto, Canada in 1985 by Prof. Henry C. Halls ( University of Toronto). Subsequent IDCs were held in Australia (1990), Israel (1995), South Africa (2001), Finland (2005), and India (2010).
The aim of this First Circular is to spread information such as date and place of the conference, to ask advice on the topics, pre- and post-conference field trips, key events including social events, to seek financial support and advertisement intentions. A Second Circular, with detailed information, especially the registration details will be distributed in  early of 2016. And finally, a Third Circular, with all the Scientific Program and last-minute practical details, will be posted a couple of weeks before the conference.  
Here are the topics from IDC6:
Regional maps of dyke swarms and related magmatic units
Dykes as plumbing system for Large Igneous Province
Giant dyke swarm and supercontinents
Geophysics of dykes with special reference to paleomagnetism, new aeromagnetic maps and remote sensing studies
Petrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of dykes
Emplacement mechanism of dykes
Geochronology of dykes
Synplutonic mafic dykes
Alkaline dykes, including kimberlites, lamproites, lamprophyres and carbonatites
Dyke swarms and planetary bodies
Links to mineralization
Miscellaneous: Any other research related to dykes