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Constraints on Archean Tectonic Style and Field Work (Second Circular) 太古宙构造样式国际学术研讨会二号通知
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Second Circular
Constraints on Archean Tectonic Style
Field Workshop on Archean Mélanges and Superimposed Tectonomagmatic Events in the Zanhuang Complex,
North China Craton

2017 年全球大地构造中心

Center for Global Tectonics, China University of Geoscience, Wuhan

September 14-21, 2017

The composition and tectonic regime of the early earth are a current research hotspot of early Precambrian geoscientific research. Studies are focused on crucial scientific questions such as the mechanisms of early crustal growth, cratonic evolution, tectonic style with time, and the starting time of plate tectonics. The Center for Global Tectonics 2017 Annual International Meeting (Constraints on Archean Tectonic Style) has been scheduled for September 14-21 at CUGW, with a field trip to the Archean mélanges in the Zanhuang Complex of the North China Craton. The meeting includes three parts: pre-conference short course, conference, and field trip in Zanhuang.


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