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Scientific Report by Yusheng Wan-Origin of zircon and its application in geology" (锆石成因及地质应用)
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Brief introduction of Prof. Wan Yusheng

Prof. Wan Yusheng is a senior researcher in the Beijing SHRIMP Centre, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing. His research interest is mainly in geology, geochronology and geochemistry of the basement of the North China Craton to understand its early Precambrian geological evolution.

Supported by the Institute of Geology, CAGS, the the Beijing SHRIMP CENTER is one of the earliest basic science and technology infrastructure platforms approved by the MST and Ministry of Finance, is dedicated to the study of geochronology and cosmic chronology, new dating techniques and methods, rare-earth geochemistry in mineral microzones, the study of chronogenesis of major events in geological history, especially the formation and early history of the solar system and the earth, tectonic evolution of major orogenic belts, geological time scale and metallogenic epochs of large and special ore deposits, as well as research and development of relevant scientific instruments.


Report Title: Origin of zircon and its application in geology" (锆石成因及地质应用

Abstract: Prof Wan Yusheng visited CUGW and the Center for Global Tectonics July 13-14, and gave a lecture series on the origin of zircon and its application in geology. The talks included descriptions of the morphologies and characteristics of magmatic, metamorphic, detrital, xenocrystic, and hydrothermal zircons, with many examples of their uses to solve geological problems. Other subjects included instrumentation and methods, such as the relative benefits of SHRIMP, LA_ICPMS, and TIMS techniques, as well as extensive discussion on the interpretation of data and what it may or may not mean, and how it must be interpreted together with the field data. Discussion were lively, and Prof. Yusheng took the time to help many students and faculty with the interpretation of their zircon data.