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Scientific Report by Julian Pearce-From Outcrop to Data Table
announcer:userenRelease date:2017-12-11Views:1160

Brief introduction of Julian A.Pearce:

1970, Bachelor degree, University of Cambridge in UK

1973, Ph.D. University of East Anglia in the UK

Main research interests include ophiolite and island arc volcano rock and mineral geochemistry, have participated in the ocean drilling program (ODP two, Leg 125, IODP 352) as chief scientist presided over the drilling program in Izu-Bonin-Mariana forearc. Julian A. Pearce is most highly cited scientists in Earth Sciences, published 190 papers or monographs in high level journals, include Nature, EPSL, JP, GCA, CG, has been totally cited for 41730 times (Google academic data), including 8 papers cited more than 1000 times. in early 1980s, Professor Pearce first use rock geochemical composition to constrain tectonic environment, and have established tectonic discriminant graph using basalt geochemical composition (cited >3000), granite geochemical composition (cited >6000), provides theoretical basis for understanding the tectonic origin of different rock units. 

Report Title: From Outcrop to Data Table: A Users’ Guide to Geochemical Analysis

Details in geochemistry work flow, including field sampling, indoor sample preparation, processing, data analysis, data publication. He introduced the basic principle in each process during geochemical research, and the important things that a young geochemist should not ignore.