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Scientific Rport by Irina Artemieva-Thermo-chemical heterogeneity of the continental lithosphere
announcer:userenRelease date:2018-07-30Views:343

Report Title: Thermo-chemical heterogeneity of the continental lithosphere

Report Time10:00 AM -11:30 AM, July 30, 2018

Report PlaceGPMR Room 103

Introduction of the reporter

Professor Irina Artemieva is currently chairman of the Geodynamics Committee of the EGU, fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, fellow of the American Geological Society and fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of London, and she also is the main sponsor of Topo Europe project. In 2011, She published the book The Lithosphere – An Interdisciplinary Approach in Cambridge Press in 2011. Her main research areas include many branches of solid geophysics, mainly the study of the thermal and material structures of the lithosphere, and she has published nearly 100 papers about that.


Present models of lithosphere density and the non-thermal part of upper mantle Vs anomalies in different tectonic provinces of Eurasia and North America. The focus is on compositional heterogeneity of the lithospheric mantle. Significant parts of Precambrian cratons of Laurasia are characterized by extremely low surface heat flow values (<25-30 mW/m2), These values are in apparent contradiction with a worldwide compilation of cratonic xenolith P-T arrays, which are usually consistent with surface heat flow of around 40 mW/m2 and the lithosphere thickness of 200-250 km depth. Temperature-corrected seismic velocity structure based on published high-resolution tomography models indicates a pronounced stratification of lithospheric mantle in many Precambrian terranes, in agreement with xenolith data. The lateral extent of depleted lithospheric keels diminishes with depth and, below a 150-200 km depth, may be significantly smaller than geological boundaries of the cratons.