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Lu Wang
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State key laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources (GPMR) , China University of Geosciences, Wuhan

388 Lumo Road, Hongshan District,Wuhan430074,Hubei Province,China



Department of Earth Sciences,ChinaUniversityofGeosciences,Wuhan,China. B.S., Geology June 1999

Department of Earth Sciences,ChinaUniversityofGeosciences,Wuhan,China. Master-Ph.D., Structural Geology July 2005

Huazhong Science andTechnologyUniversity,Wuhan,China. Minor B.S., Science and Technology English, Feb. 1999

International Cooperative Education: Microfabrics, Technique University of Munich, Germany, funded by DAAD (Germany Academic Exchange Scholarship), May-Oct., 2001

Center for Env. Science,Saint Louis University, USA. Remote Sensing and GIS application, 10credits. Certificate Program in Geographical Information Systems (COPS)


l  State key lab of geological processes and mineral resources, China University of Geosciences,Wuhan

2011-present: Associate Professor (Ph.D supervisor since 2015)

l  Department of Marine Geology, OceanUniversityofChina,Qingdao,China.

July 2005 ~ June 2012: Lecturer. Teaching and research

l  State key lab of geological processes and mineral resources, China University of Geosciences,Wuhan

2010-2012: Postdoctoral Fellow., research

l  Earth & Atmospheric Science Department, Center for Env. Science,Saint Louis University,Missouri,USA, research

2008-2009: Visiting Scholar. Supervisor: Prof. Timothy Kusky


l  Partial melting and tectonic significance of ultra-high and high pressure metamorphic rocks;

l  Petrofabrics rheologymicrostructures and macro-scale structural geology of UHP rocks

l  Microstructure and geological study on podiform chromites from mantle peridotites and ophiolitic tectonites


l  2015, Silver Hammer Prize, Yougth Geological Science and Technology Award, Geological Society of China


l  P.I., National Natural Science Foundation of China, P-T-t-Deformation-Melting evolution process of UHP elcogite and its rheological significance, 2016.1-2019.12, Project No.: 41572182

l  P.I., the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, "Tengfei Programme", G1323511572, Partial melting of HP-UHP metamorphic rocks within subduction zone, 2015.1-2017.12

l  P.I., the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, 2012219279-CUG120818, Preservation of intergranular coesite and deformation mechanism within UHP eclogite from Yangkou Bay, Sulu orogen. 2013.1-2014.12

l  P.I., National Natural Science Foundation of China, Partial melting of deep subducted eclogite and its reological significance to the continental collision, 2013.1-2016.12, Project No.: 41272225

l  P.I., National Natural Science Foundation of China, High precision structural analysis and rheology study on multistage overprinted folding events in UHP-HP metamorphic terrain, Yangkou. 2009.1-2011.12Project No40802045

l  P.I., Natural Science Foundation ofShandongProvince. Structural Evolution and High precision structural analysis of multistage overprinted folding events in UHP-HP metamorphic terrain, Yangkou. 2009.1-2011.12Project NoQ2008E03.

l  P.I.,ChinaPostdoctoral Science Foundation, Microstructures characters and tectonic significances of Miaowan Ophiolite rocks inSouthwestern Huanglinganticline. 2010.7-2011.12; Grant No.: 20100471203

l  P.I., Special Fund for Outstanding Postdoctoral Research, Geometry and geneisis of In-situ partial melting of UHP eclogite in Sulu belt,China; 2011.1-2012.12; Grant No.: 201104495

l  P.I., Opening fund from Three Gorges Geohazards Research Center, Ministry of Education, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China. Microstructures characters and tectonic significances of ultramafic rocks (Miaowan Ophiolite rocks) in Southwestern Huangling anticline, Three Gorges reservoir area. 2010. 1-2011.12. Project No.: TGRC201024

l  Co. P.I., National Science Foundation ofChina, Key Important Project, Global comparison between North China Craton and World Classical Craton: Implications to the Decratonization and Continental Growth. 2011.1-2014.12, P.I. Prof. Timothy Kusky, Grant No.: 91014002.

l  Co. P.I., Robert Bosch Fund from GermanyScience Bridge:AsiaGrant Request for Support for an Initiation Project):32.5.8003.0105.0, P.I., Prof. Joern Kruhl, Technique University of Munich, Germany, 2011.9-2012.4


2005-2007          Tectonics and Regional Geology of China, undergraduate course

2006-2008           Marine Geology-Plate tectonics, undergraduate course

2006-2007                   Field digital mapping course in Chaohu, Anhui Province, China, Marine Geology major undergraduate students

2005-2008          Class tutor for undergraduate student majors in Marine Geology

2008-2009                 Supervise SRTP (student research training program) project for undergraduate students in Ocean University of China

2015-2016                    Global Tectonics, Master-Ph.D student, University of China Academy of Sciences, co-teaching with Prof. Tim Kusky

2016                    Global Tectonics, undergraduate students, China University of                        Geosciences, Wuhan, co-teaching with Prof. Tim Kusky


1.         Wang J.P., Kusky T.M., Wang L., Polat A., et al., 2016. Petrogenesis and geochemistry of circa 2.5 Ga granitoids in the Zanhuang Massif: Implications for magmatic source and Neoarchean metamorphism of the North China Craton. Lithos, doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2016.10.028. 

2.         Wang JP, Kusky TM*, Wang L, Polat A., Deng H., Wang C., Wang SJ. Structural relationships along a Neoarchean arc continent collision zone, North China craton. GSA Bulletin, doi: 10.1130/B31479.1; 2016.

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Ph. D Thesis:

Wang Lu. Structural Evolution and Rheology Study on Ultra-high pressure metamorphic Eclogite and Jadeite Quartzites in Shuanghe Area,DabieMountain.ChinaUniversityof Geosciences,Wuhan, 2005.